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Title Insurance


Title Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that the title to your home is protected against most claims that may arise in the future. Issues with title can impact your use and enjoyment of the property as well as cause financial loss. 

Issues may include but are not limited to the following...

  •  Encroachments on property

  • Liens or claims asserted by others (Prior Owners or Creditors)

  • Tax Bills, Sanitation charges or utilities that go unreported or unpaid

  • Ownership interests vested in others (unknown heirs of prior owners)

  • Mechanics or Materialmen's Liens

An Owner's Title Policy (Owner's Policy) may protect your property against the above mentioned issues, and many others. An owner's Policy is purchased at closing for a one time fee and it will cover you or your heirs for as long as you have an interest in the property.

The one time fee for title insurance depends on what type of Owner's Title Policy issued.  Our office issues Owner's Title Policy with an enhanced coverage in most closings involving the sale of 1-4 family platted residential properties to ensure that you are fully protected. 


The Enhanced Owner's Title Policy gives you more coverage against title issues than a standard policy would.



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